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Our 30 years of Marine and AGM Battery experience allows us to provide reliable power solutions to make your recreational abode just like your home with power at every outlet.  In collaboration with our clients, we professionally design battery powered systems for those who enjoy their leisure time boating, caravanning, camping 4 Wheel Driving or living off the grid.  Our customers and partners recognize our commitment to quality products and value our customer service.  We pride ourselves in building relationships and look forward to working with you.

We pride ourselves in designing Lithium battery solutions

allowing our customers to

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Our Solutions will give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your leisure time.   By designing systems to your requirements, we give you the ability to power all the comforts of home when away such as, air conditioning, induction cook top, electric jug, microwave, coffee machine, fridge, hair dryer, and much, much more.  Our innovative solutions combine the superior performance of Revolution Power Lithium Batteries with the best charging systems to provide you with reliable, long-lasting power.

Live the dream.  Carefree.

Indulge yourself in life’s simple joys and free yourself from the burden of a generator.  Our tailored solutions allow maximum enjoyment for the ultimate adventure.

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Our solutions have helped people in ways they honestly didn’t believe possible