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Revolution Power Australia
Light Weight
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100Ah Continuous Draw
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#1 Lithium Battery on the market
Extensive Off-Road Testing
Parallel wiring compatible
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Harness the power of Lithium with Revolution Power Australia

Take a closer look at our famous Lithium Battery range

Revolution Power Australia produces the number 1 Lithium Battery on the market. Team up your battery with a Victron Charger, and Power Manager and you have continuous power for any application. Take a closer look.

12v 60Ah Slim Lithium Battery


12v 100LD Lithium Battery

Rpower 12V 100A battery image

12v 100Ah Lithium Battery


12v 200Ah Lithium Battery

12v 200Ah Lithium Battery Specification 10-2019-1

Mr 4x4 Pat Callinan's 4x4 adventures As seen on Pat Callinan’s Mr 4×4

Revolution Power Australia

Lithium power solutions to power your Caravan, Camper, 4×4, Motorhome, Truck or Marine Vessel.

The Revolution Power Australia lithium batteries are a very high quality, light weight battery system for caravans, campers, motorhomes, 4WDs, long haul trucks and marine vessels. When using the Revolution Power Lithium Ion Phosphate battery in conjunction with a high-quality charging system from Victron Energy, you create a safe, reliable, long lasting and exceptionally high quality power system to power any application.

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