Revolution LiFePo4 Lithium Batteries

Off-grid Power Solutions

From smaller systems for fishing and hunting cabins to large scale completely off-grid systems for houses – we can design a system that reliably delivers your power needs off-grid.

Off-grid & Remote Lithium Battery Power Solutions

Offgrid Essentials 200Ah@2x 1
Ultimate Capability 400Ah@2x 1

Run the Basics

Running the basics when you are totally off-grid can be the perfect solution for a fishing or hunting cabin or for those with a shed on a bush block for weekend getaways.

Contact us today to discuss a basic off-grid lithium solution can work for your needs.

Off-grid Remote House

An incredibly popular option is running a house with all the creature comforts totally off-grid, sometimes even without a generator.

To comfortably run a solution like this you are looking at 800 to 1600Ah or more of lithium battery capacity with an array of solar panels, MPPT solar regulators and inverters. A solution like this should allow you to run all the 240V appliances you need without the hassle of having to constantly monitor your power.

We have been able to provide larger solutions to allow people to run their entire house totally off the grid and without needing to rely on a generator except for exceptional circumstances.

Give us a call with your requirements and we can design a solution for your off-grid remote house.