Revolution LiFePo4 Lithium Batteries

Marine Lithium Batteries Solutions

Revolution Power Australia has 30 years of marine experience behind our solutions. We offer you the ability to make your boat just like home with power at every outlet.

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Offshore Fishing

Our marine solutions range from powering an electric trolling motor, sounder/chart plotter and nav lights on a small boat, to allowing you to enjoy comforts of home like air con, electric jug, toaster, coffee machine and hairdryer on a larger boat or yacht.Combining the ever-improving technologies of Lithium batteries for marine with the full solutions that we provide, will save you weight, fuel and maintenance. All of this will make your next boating adventure more enjoyable and substantially less hassle.

Trailer Boat Lithium Batteries Solutions

Revolution Power has put together a massive variety of Marine solutions for smaller boats over the years. Often we find that people are looking to reduce the weight of the boat to help improve fuel efficiency, maneuverability and weight distribution. All while still running a fridge, 12v electronics and a trolling motor.

While our solutions can vary depending on you and your boat need, we recently put together a solution for Outer Line Adventures’ 6m plate boat that helped them;

Offshore Fishing Boat/Cruiser

Customers with offshore fishing boats or smaller cruisers often find that they have to be extremely weight conscious and have limited storage space. Despite these limitations, they still want to be able to keep beer cold and the lights on when they have stopped for a night or two.

Revolution Batteries

We constantly see lithium battery solutions going into boats that reduce the battery weight by 50%, offer twice as much usable capacity and dramatically quicker charging.

This additional capacity can often mean our customers can move from a gas BBQ up to running an induction cooktop. Even better they no longer have to stress about running the generator half the night, just to make sure the food stays cold.If you want to chat about how to keep your beer colder and get your fish crispier, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Yacht & Catamaran Solutions

When it comes to sailing, motor yachts or larger catamarans, we have developed solutions for almost every budget to run a full array of appliances. Having to run the generator to have a cuppa will become a thing of the past as we allow you to run fridges, lights, induction cooktops, microwaves, air conditioners, electric BBQs, hairdryers and so much more.

Some of our best solutions have helped people in ways they honestly didn’t believe possible.

If you would like to discuss how a Revolution Power Australia lithium battery solution for marine could help you please don’t hesitate to call.