Revolution LiFePo4 Lithium Batteries

Camper Trailer Power Solutions

Save serious weight (40-80kg), get faster charging and greater usable battery capacity for your camper trailer with lithium battery powered solutions from Revolution Power Solutions

Lithium Battery Camper Trailer Power Solutions

Offgrid Essentials
Ultimate Capability

Offgrid Essentials – 100-200Ah Lithium Battery Systems

Looking to save weight and upgrade to one or two low-draw 100Ah batteries

Camper trailers are an ever-popular method of camping and exploring the amazing Australian landscape. When we discuss with customers what is driving them to look at a Revolution Power Australia solution, 9 times out of 10 it is so that they can reduce weight, gain extra capacity and run more things.

A common set up will usually allow a small family to run a 12v fridge for a few days without needing to add additional power into the system. Taking it up a notch, you can start to add solar inputs and additional batteries to extend your stay.

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Contact us today to discuss an offgrid essentials lithium solution can work for your needs.

Ultimate Capability – 300-600Ah Lithium Battery Systems

More advanced Lithium power systems can do amazing things for the camping and camper trailer experiences. One of the most advanced lithium systems we have put into an offroad camper trailer allowed for almost all of the creator comforts from home without having to run a generator or the vehicle for hours on end just to be able to keep the battery charged.

Give us a call with your requirements and we can design the ultimate solution for your camper trailer.