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Revolution Power Solutions has become well known for providing the 4WD market with high quality, low weight, lithium batteries allowing for power in almost any scenario.

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Dual battery systems are now often considered to be one of the most essential modifications to any vehicle used for camping. A small and simple system can easily allow you to run a fridge and a few lights overnight while more elaborate setups can see you running, multiple fridges, coffee machines, induction cooktops and even hair dryers.

Low Draw 4WD & Ute Canopy Solutions

Finding the right solution to be able to run your fridge, a few lights and charge devices is probably the most common request for those with a 4WD or simple camper set up.

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While the solutions we provide for this are not off the shelf and vary depend on how you travel, they can all offer the same benefits;

High Draw 4WD & Ute CanopySolutions to Run Everything

Camping from your 4WD with the luxuries from home is becoming an ever more common request. The key to setting up a system like this is the Revolution Power Australia high draw lithium battery range. These batteries allow for high capacity continuous draw meaning that you can run large inverters to power things such as induction cooktops, toasters, hairdryers and other standard 240v appliances.

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Vanlife Power Systems

Vans are a prime example of where keeping weight down, but having extensive battery storage is key. With the desire to be able to have most of the simple comforts of home, vanlife-ers often find they are overdrawing the simple vehicle battery systems and come to us for a long term solution that can provide power for their homes on the road.

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Revolution Power recently set up a van for someone who is on the road 24/7 but liked to stay in places for a few days at a time. The solution was simple but offered a massive amount of benefit:

If you want to find out more about our 4WD, Vehicle and Van solutions, give us a call.