lithium battery RV, bus & caravan power solutions
Revolution LiFePo4 Lithium Batteries

RV, Bus & Caravan Power Solutions

Be it towing a van, driving an RV or bus, not exceeding weight limits is very important. Our lithium battery power and charging solutions charge faster, weigh roughly one-third of traditional battery setups and deliver more usable power.

Popular RV, Bus & Caravan Power Solutions

Smaller Solutions–200Ah
Midsize Systems–400Ah
Comforts of Home–800Ah

Whether you just want to run a couple of lights and a portable fridge/freezer, or want all the comforts of home, like an electric jug, toaster, coffee machine, air con, hairdryer and charging mobile phones, laptops and tablets, we have a field-tested Revolution Power Solution to do the job.

With our short consults, we can help take the stress out of finding and understanding the right solution. We have years of experience that we are happy to lend you.

Smaller Solutions – 100-300Ah Lithium

Running a small solution of around 200Ah can be a great option for those that are only looking to run a 12V fridge, a few lights and other small 12v appliances, plus an inverter for a short time without being connected to power. You can boost a 200Ah solution for greater performance, simply by fitting a few solar panels. Nothing Revolution can’t help you out with.

To add to the versatility, two, 100Ah low draw batteries are going to save you in the vicinity of 40-60Kgs of weight compared to equivalent AGMs.

Contact us today to see what lithium solution can work for your needs.

Midsize Systems – 400-600Ah Lithium

It is common for us to put together 12V lithium battery solutions for caravanners and RV users that want to be able to sustain long term travel with minimal hassle. When you are looking at solutions with around 400Ah of storage, the weight really starts to become a factor, with lithium batteries you could halve your battery weight. Not only that, but you will get almost 50% more useable power out of your lithium batteries.

What do people do with all this extra useable power? Well, that very much depends but we tend to see people being able to run multiple fridges, induction cooktops, 240V appliances and, at a stretch, sometimes even a bit of aircon.

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Give us a call today with your requirements and we can design the perfect solution for you.

Comforts of Home – 800-1200Ah Lithium

There are times when our customers want to have all the comforts of being at home, with none of the actual being at home. This is where we can pull out all the stops to create some of the best lithium battery solutions tailored to their needs.

While there are always variables we tend to look at something in the vicinity of 800Ah worth of battery storage, when you combine this with solar you will be able to keep most Caravans, RVs or Motorhomes running without having to plug in or run the engine for quite some time.

A solution like this is often required when you want to;

No matter the system size, we can help you design the perfect solution for your caravan, bus or RV.